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Like my father before me, and my brothers, a camera has been a part of my life since 1946.  I had taken only 35mm slides for all that time, until 2000 when I switched to digital pictures.  Over the next few years I scanned my slides into digital form so that they could be distributed to interested family members and viewed in the future when no one will have a slide projector.  On this site, however, I plan only to put up some of the pictures that came out best.  So consider this a kind of art gallery showing off my best work -- or at least the work that I feel most like showing to others.

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Floating Tori Gate   Hirosaki Castle   Kenroku-en_Garden   Shukkeien Garden   Golden Pavillion
Japan May 2002
"Floating" Tori Gate, Miyajima Island,
Hirosaki Castle, Hirosaki
Kenroku-en Gardens in the drizzle, Kanizawa
Shukkeien Gardens, Hiroshima
The Golden Pavilion in the rain, Kyoto
      Positano   Tree of Life   Rice paddies in Bali   Meteora Monastary, Greece   Mikonos chapel, Greece   Mikonos Harbor, Greece
Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy, November 2002
Tree of Life Window (Arbre des Jesse), Eglise St. Etienne, Beauvais, France, 1973
Rice terraces near Ubud, Bali, October 1994
Monastary, Meteora, Greece Octdober 2005
Chapel, Mykonos, Greece, October 2005
Mykonos Harbor, Greece, October 2005
   Alcazar doorway, Seville   Alcazar Garden, Seville   Casa Pilatos, Seville, Spain   Rose Window, Barcelona
Spain, April 2004
Doorway in the Real Alcazar, Seville
Gardens of the Alcazar, Seville
Courtyard of the Casa Pilatos, Seville
Rose Window, Barcelona

      Parc Guell   Market, Barcelona   Alhambra   Royal Garden, Madrid
Spain, April 2004
In the Parc Guell, Barcelona
Mercat de Sant Josep (La Boqueria), Barcelona
The Alhambra, Granada
Royal Botanical Garden, Madrid
China, October 1982
Bridge at the Xian Zoo
Fisherman (or reed gatherer) outside Reed Flute Cave, Guilin
Huaging Hot Springs, with "Tower for Drying the Hair", near Xian
Kun Ming Lake, Summer Palace, Beijing
Exotic river scene, from our hotel roof, Guilin
Aruba, December 1975

View from Timberline Falls   Glacier Rim   Isabelle in Snow   Mirror Lake   Blue Lake, Colorado   Glacier Gorge from Thatchtop
Loch Vale from Timberline Falls, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado July 1992
Glacier Rim Trail, Indian Peaks Wilderness Area, Colorado, July 1992
Lake Isabelle after a September snow, Indian Peaks Wilderness Area, Colorado 1993
Mirror Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, early summer 1995
Blue Lake, Indian Peaks Wilderness Area, Colorado 1984
Long's Peak and Glacier Gorge from the summit of Thatchtop, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado 1984
   Lake Dorothy overlook   Cripple Creek and Victor railroad   Wilson Group in the snow   Thunder Meadows, Colorado   Mills Lake in the early morning
Lake Dorothy overlook, Indian Peaks Wilderness Area, Colorado 1997
Cripple Creek and Victor Railroad, Cripple Creek, Colorado, September 2006
The Wilson Group in early snow, from the Telluride ski lift, Colorado, September 2006
Meadow below Thunder Pass, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, July 1988
Mills Lake in the early morning, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, 1990
Primrose Below Blue 2002     
Primrose in the stream, Blue Lake, Indian Peaks Wilderness Area, Colorado 2002
Long's Peak in the (rare) afternoon light, Colorado, September 1985 (taken by Peter Weil)
Primrose just above Arapaho Pass/South Arapaho trail junction, Indian Peaks Wilderness Area, Colorado 1992
Keukenhof Gardens 0405   Keukenhof 0405   Keukenhof Gardens 0405   Keukenhof Gardens 0405
Keukenhof Gardems in the rain, outside Amsterdam, The Netherlands, April 2005

   Zuider Zee Museum 0405           
Zuiderzee Outdoor Museum, Enkhuizen, The Netherlands, April 2005
Lion family in Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania, Africa 1987
Black faced Vervet monkey, Lake Manyara National Park, Tanzania, Africa 1987
Weston Estates, Weston, Massachusetts 1972
Glass-faced building in Montreal, Canada 1975
Eiffel Bridge, Oporta, Portugal   Mateus Villa, Portugal   Coimbre Library, Portugal   Tower of Belem, Lisbon, Portugal   Duoro River vineyard   Monument to the Disoveries, Lisbon
Portugal, June 2006
Eiffel Bridge, Oporto
Palace of Mateus, outside of Regua, Portugal
Library of Universidade de Coimbre, Coimbre
Torre de Belem, Lisbon
A quinta, or wine estate, on the Duoro River
Monument to the Discoveries, Lisbon