Grandfather Weil Loved Limburger

(I'm not sure who told me this story.  I think it was my father, Frank L. Weil, talking about his father, Leopold Weil.)

Grandfather Weil loved limburger cheese.  It is the smelliest of cheeses and you really have to love it to even be in the same room with it.  Grandfather Weil live on the upper West Side of New York City.  But the best limburger cheese was sold by a store far downtown in Manhattan.

So grandfather Weil would, every so often, climb on the horsecar and go downtown to buy some of his favorite cheese.  (What, you don't know what a horsecar was?  You young whippersnappers are so ignorant.  Think of a trolley or streetcar, running on rails but drawn by a live horse!  This was rapid transit in grandfather's day.)  It was a long ride, especially on a hot day.

And, of course, it was a long way back.  So grandfather would purchase his limburger cheese and get back on the horsecar for the hot ride home.  But he would put his odorous package on a seat at one end of the horsecar -- and then he would go sit at the other end of the car until it was time to get off!

I never heard whether his package ever was disturbed, but I have always had vivid visions of the ride home!


John W. Weil
February 2005