What's New?


A number of sections have been added to the essay on technology management, completing it, for now. (December 21)
Three new, short essays have been added.  I hope there will be more as the inspiration strikes me. (December 4)


Introduction - Part 2

Yes, I'm still here!  After several years of neglect, I have gotten back to maintaining and improving this web site.  Internet standards have changed and settled in the interim, so some of my neglect was caused by the site having been built with outdated standards and tools (Microsoft Front Page).  It is now converted over to modern standards and tools (Microsoft Expression Web 3) which should make future maintenance easier but which did cause quite a bit of effort in the short term.

I have been unable to find a way to "sanitize" the family genealogy so that it would not be a gold mine for web predators, so I have removed it from the site entirely, at least for now.

John W. Weil
March 2010


The intent here is to provide a web site that might be of interest to members of my extended family and, possibly, others.  It will necessarily have a rather personal content while avoiding the kind of personal information that could be misused by predators.  Over the years, I have taken many pictures and written various essays, as well as worked, on and off, on a family genealogy.  Selections from all of that seem suitable for posting here.  In addition, I want to collect a set of family stories -- anecdotes about various family members and their doings and adventures -- before they are lost by time and neglect.  I wish I had done this before, while some of my parents' and grandparents' generation were still able to contribute.  If you have stories to contribute, please contact me and let me add them to the collection.

I have thought quite a bit about this site for years.  Generally, I find personal web sites to be awkward and embarrassing, so I have avoided the usual content.  I take full and sole responsibility for the content of this site; if you have a beef, contact me.

John W. Weil
February 2005